VHDL Implementation Of PWM Technique For Generation Of Switching Pulses

VHDL Implementation Of PWM Technique For Generation Of Switching Pulses
Authors : Veena Walimbe, N. R. Bhasme
Publication Date: 01-07-2013


Author(s):  Veena Walimbe, N. R. Bhasme

Published in:   International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology

License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Website: www.ijert.org

Volume/Issue:   Vol.2 - Issue 7 (July - 2013)

e-ISSN:   2278-0181


The design and implementation of a Variable-Voltage Variable-Frequency (VVVF) Controller based on Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) Technique for a 1 and / or 3 Phase Induction Motor using VHDL. Variable- Voltage Variable-Frequency (VVVF) technique is used extensively in the industry as it provides the accuracy required at minimal cost. Voltage/ frequency (v/f) controlled motors fall under the category of Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drives. To maintain maximum torque for a given working condition, the flux in the machine must be maintained constant. The ratio of Voltage to frequency must be held constant. For Variable Voltage Variabe Frequency (VVVF) drives, there is a need to control the fundamental voltage of the inverter if its frequency (and therefore the frequency of the induction motor), need to be varied. To vary the fundamental component of the inverter, the Modulation Index of the carrier signal has to be changed. The speed at rated supply frequency is normally used as the base speed. At frequencies below the base speed, the supply magnitude needs to be reduced so as to maintain a constant Volt/Hertz. The VHDL based controller is used to generate SPWM pulses based on the frequency input, that are used to control the inverter. The VVVF output of the inverter can be used as supply to a three phase induction motor and thereby speed of the motor can be controlled.


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