Semi Solid Processing of High Chromium Cast Iron

Semi Solid Processing of High Chromium Cast Iron
Authors : Amitesh Kumar
Publication Date: 06-05-2014


Author(s):  Amitesh Kumar

Published in:   International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology

License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Website: www.ijert.org

Volume/Issue:   Vol. 3 - Issue 5 (May - 2014)

e-ISSN:   2278-0181


Semi-solid processed 10% Cr cast irons were produced by slope casting method in a sand mold. Experiments were carried out to clarify the effect of cooling slope on microstructure and hardness. To compare the effects of cooling slope, castings were also made by conventional casting method in a sand mold. The semi-solid processed and the conventionally cast 10 wt%Cr cast iron were studied by optical microscopy and their microstructures and hardness values were compared. In the semi solid processed condition, the primary proeutectic austenite was round in shape while the conventionally cast condition, primary proeutectic austenite was in dendritic in shape. The results show that semi solid processed 10% Cr alloys possess better hardness than conventionally cast 10% Cr alloys due to change in microstructure.


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